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  • Brett Schafer

Square Sells Caviar, and an Interview with the Founder of

On this week’s Chit Chat Money I had the pleasure of talking with one of the co-founders of The site is run by three guys in their free-time from Europe and is built for fundamental investors. It is 100x better than Yahoo Finance, is ad-free, and is getting better all the time. For anyone that doesn’t want to shell out $200 for Ycharts, this is the place to go for researching individual companies.

Some other things we discussed on the show:

  1. Square selling Caviar to DoorDash

  2. Spotify earnings announcement

  3. What will be worth more in 2025? AWS, Instagram, and YouTube or Amazon Retail, Facebook, and Google?

  4. A draft of the top investing quotes of all-time

Listen to the full show:

  1. Spotify

  2. Apple Podcasts

  3. Google Podcasts

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