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  • Brett Schafer

Fundamental Analysis of Sony

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On this Sunday’s Fundamental Analysis show we discussed Sony. Here is a screenshot summary of the episode:

  1. What is Sony? Sony is a Japanese conglomerate with a focus on video games, electronics, semiconductors, music, and movies.

  2. When were they founded? In 1946 by Masaru Ibuka.

  3. Valuation: EV of $78.9 billion, EV/FCF of 8.6, EV/EBIT 10.5 (as of recording)

  4. Latest Earnings: revenue down 4% YoY, OI down 2.1%

  5. Our Future Growth Opportunities: Images and Sensing for the automotive market and the PS5.

  6. Our we more interested in this stock after the episode? Yes for Brett, No for Ryan.

Disclosure: The authors are not financial advisors, and may have an interest in the companies talked about.

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