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  • Brett Schafer

Fundamental Analysis of GoodFood Market Corp.

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On this Sunday’s Fundamental Analysis show we discussed Goodfood Market Corp. Here is a screenshot summary of the episode:

  1. What is Goodfood? Goodfood is a grocery, meal kit, and prepared food delivery service based in Canada.

  2. When were they founded? In 2014 by Jonathan Ferrari and Neil Cuggy.

  3. Valuation: EV/sales of 2.5, EV/GP of 8.68, MA EV/sales of 11.74

  4. Latest Earnings: TTM sales growth of 76%, 10% OCF margin

  5. Our Future Growth Opportunities: Goodfood WOW, its unlimited delivery membership service that costs $10 a month, and expanding the internal logistics infrastructure to expand long-term margins and enhance the value proposition.

  6. Are we more interested in this stock after the episode? We were both more interested in this stock after recording.

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