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Fundamental Analysis: LightSpeed

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On this Sunday’s Fundamental Analysis show we discussed Lightspeed. Here is a screenshot summary of the episode:

  1. What is Lightspeed? Lightspeed offers a cloud-based commerce platform with POS solutions. It is essentially a copy of Square based in Canada.

  2. When were they founded? They were founded by Dax DaSilva in Montreal Canada in 2005.

  3. Valuation: EV/sales of 26, EV/GP of 43.3, MA EV/sales of 85

  4. Latest Earnings: Sales up 51% YoY, 60% gross margin, ($6.4) million in OCF.

  5. Our Future Growth Opportunities: Lightspeed Capital and e-commerce offerings. If you are thinking this is essentially a copy of Square’s business, trust your instincts.

  6. Are we more interested in this stock after the episode? We were both less interested after discussing LightSpeed.

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