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Fundamental Analysis: Activision Blizzard

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Screenshot summary:

  1. What is Activision Blizzard? The largest gaming studio in America. It owns Activision, Blizzard, and King and produces content like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft.

  2. Valuation: EV/sales of 9.2, EV/FCF of 41, EV/OI of 27.

  3. Latest Earnings: 32% bookings growth, 34% operating margin, announced $4 billion share repurchase program.

  4. Our Future Growth Opportunities: Warzone and Diablo Immortal.

  5. Are we more interested in this stock after the episode? Yes.

Disclosure: The author and podcast guests are not financial advisors. Brett Schafer and Ryan Henderson are portfolio managers at Arch Capital. Clients of Arch Capital may hold securities discussed on this podcast.

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Listen On: Spotify Apple Podcasts Disclosure: The author and podcast guests are not your financial advisors. Ryan Henderson and Brett Schafer are general partners and portfolio managers at Arch Capita

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