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Episode 99: Interview With Kyler Hasson

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  1. Ryan’s topic concerning Brooklyn Investor’s latest blog post was timely and a good read if you are feeling nervous/scared with this speculative market. The “just don’t own!” quote really stuck with me.

  2. My topic was GameStop. We recorded before the Melvin Capital blow-up but thought it was fun nonetheless. I would never touch GameStop in its current form, but man is it fun to watch from the sidelines. Also, I don’t understand the people defending Melvin Capital saying “the team has put up 30%+ returns annually” like that means they are good investors. Yeah, they were highly levered in a bull market big whoop. Now, with billions in AUM and a stock with a tiny float like GameStop ruining them, you don’t think they were levered up on the short side?

  3. The biggest takeaway from the discussion with Kyler was how he tries to run a permanent strategy. I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but it seems like his philosophy is to bet on companies that have highly defensible businesses and to pay for them at a reasonable price.

  4. Is Clubhouse really worth $1 billion?

  5. Halt and Catch Fire should be watched by everyone on fintwit. Great show and meant for anyone who loves business history.

  6. I still think Wayfair is doomed, but haven’t done any real research on it. Hope I am proved wrong on this one!

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