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  • Brett Schafer

Episode 98: Interview With Francine McKenna

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  1. Ryan’s first topic was fun, as I think there is a mystique around Elliot Management and how scary they are as activist investors. It is surprising though how little they’ve shaken up Twitter so far.

  2. It was nice, as someone who cares about corporate governance and hates crony capitalism, to see South Korea take a hard line on the heir to the Samsung empire, sending him to prison for bribery. It makes me more confident in South Korea’s financial markets, that’s for sure.

  3. It is possible that Francine was the most credential and experienced interview we’ve ever had. She is an expert on accounting practices, and if you are someone who wants to learn how to find red flags in SEC filings (in order to not get cheated by management, etc.), I think you’ll love this interview. Check-out her stuff here.

  4. The “buy a stock that is going up, then sell when it doesn’t” FinTok video is probably the funniest (and cringiest) thing the Best of FinTok Twitter has posted thus far.

  5. Are SaaS businesses that spend 50%+ of their revenue on marketing actually not as strong of businesses as people think?

  6. Buy, Sell, Hold this week was between Ackman, Chamath, and Buffett. Thought that was a fun part of the show.


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