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Episode #97: Interview With Nick Sciple

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  1. Thinking back on the interview, I think my favorite part of the discussion was on GameStop. Ryan and I both dismissed the company as the “Blockbuster of gaming” when in reality that may not be what they are at all. Follow Nick here.

  2. Ryan’s topic on position sizing (inspired by Ensemble Capital’s essay) was a fun topic. However, like most parts of investing, I do believe there is no “one size fits all” strategy for how to size your positions. Some people may be comfortable with 50% of their portfolio in one stock, and some may build a portfolio with no sizing considerations whatsoever. It’s all about what strategy works for you over the long-term.

  3. Poshmark’s S-1 had some interesting parts to it. The business model seems sound, which has led me to do some more research on the business. But I worry it will struggle against traditional social media companies that allow buying/selling of apparel on the site. Time to do some more digging.

  4. Already regretting the one month challenge I’ve given myself.

  5. Is Lemonade’s CEO taunting short-sellers, selling stock like there is no tomorrow, and then the company doing a share offering a red flag? If not, that is some coincidence we have here. I’m staying far away from Lemonade for the time being.

  6. Was this the real Robinhood “Infinite Money Cheat Code” all along?

  7. Still thinking about Jack Dorsey being in French Polynesia last week.

Again, listen to the full show to hear all our discussions, and everything we talked about with Nick Sciple.

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