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Episode 94: Interview With Muji @hhhypergrowth

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This week Ryan and I chatted with Muji (his Twitter is @hhhypergrowth, link here), a veteran of the software industry. We discussed two topics: cybersecurity and edge computing. On the cybersecurity side, we focused on Crowdstrike (ticker: CRWD) and Zscaler (ticker: ZS). Edge networks revolved around Cloudflare (ticker: NET) and Fastly (ticker: FSLY), but also had some areas concerning the industry as a whole. It was a highly technical interview and a must-listen for anyone wanting to understand how these businesses work.

YouTube Video

Spotify Link

Screenshot Summary

  1. Brett’s news story: Discussion of DoorDash S-1

  2. Ryan’s news story: Spotify acquires Megaphone

  3. Current state of fintwit featuring some wild thoughts from the VC community

  4. Interview with Muji

  5. Hot Water, BSH, and anecdotal evidence

Disclosure: The authors are not financial advisors. Anything said by us or podcasts guests is not formal advice or a recommendation.

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