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Episode 91: Discussion With 7Investing Team

On the 91st edition of Chit Chat Money, we had the pleasure of sitting down with the entire 7investing team (check them out here). The 45-minute+ discussion was centered on two topics: healthcare and real estate. The healthcare discussion was lead by me, and I got to ask questions to Maxx, Simon, and Austin about the complicated healthcare industry. The real estate discussion was lead by Ryan and he got to ask questions to Steve, Matt, and Dan about iBuying. The whole show was fascinating and full of insights for anyone interested in either space.

If you are interested in what 7investing has to offer, we just started a partnership with the service. If you use our promo code “CCM” at check-out you can get $10 off your first month of stock picks. See all they have to offer here.

YouTube Video

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Screenshot Summary

  1. Brett’s news story: Goldman Sachs giveback salaries during 1MDB scandal

  2. Ryan’s news story: Dunkin going private

  3. Current state of fintwit featuring anti-DCF takes and cash flow statement scenarios

  4. Interview with the entire 7investing team

  5. Hot Water, FMK, and anecdotal evidence

Disclosure: The authors are not financial advisors. Anything said by us or podcasts guests is not formal advice or a recommendation.

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