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Episode 90: Interview With Beth Kindig

In episode 90 of Chit Chat Money, we talked with Beth Kindig, one of the top technology investors out there. Beth has experience working in the tech industry and now focuses on her own newsletter, which you can find here. During the interview, we talked at length on Zoom Video and Roku and then wrapped things up with a quick discussion on Fastly and Bitcoin. I learned a ton from this interview and think any listener will as well.

YouTube Video

Spotify Link

Screenshot Summary

  1. Brett’s news story: The erosion of corporate debt ratings (only 6 companies currently have a AAA rating)

  2. Ryan’s news story: The Disney activist battle

  3. Current state of fintwit featuring discussion of brick-and-mortar retail.

  4. Interview with Beth Kindig

  5. Hot Water, FMK, and anecdotal evidence

Disclosure: The authors are not financial advisors. Anything said by us or podcasts guests is not formal advice or a recommendation.

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