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Episode 89: Interview With Will Hershey

In episode 89 of Chit Chat Money, we had a fantastic chat with the founder of Roundhill Investments, Will Hershey. Roundhill Investments has two thematic ETF products, the first being the NERD or eSports ETF. We discussed the ETF and gaming industry at length during the interview. The second thematic ETF Roundhill sponsors is the BETZ or Sports Betting ETF. It allows investors to get broad exposure to numerous sports betting companies while only having to own one security.

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Screenshot Summary

  1. Brett’s news story: Morgan Stanley’s research paper on intangible investments and whether to capitalize or expense spending.

  2. Ryan’s news story: Twilio buying Segment for $3.2 billion.

  3. Current state of fintwit featuring flywheels and low-code startups.

  4. Discussion of all things Roundhill with Will Hershey.

  5. Hot Water, FMK, and anecdotal evidence

Disclosure: The authors are not financial advisors. Anything said by us or podcasts guests is not formal advice or a recommendation.

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