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Episode 88: Talking Software with Kermit Capital

In episode 88 of Chit Chat Money, we talked with Kermit Capital, a data analyst and investor we know from Twitter. Kermit has worked at numerous large companies and brought some fantastic insights into the software industry. After talking about his overall investment strategy, the three of us discussed Alteryx and Slack at length. I learned a ton from this chat and think you will too.

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Screenshot Summary

  1. Brett’s news story: What is Roblox and why I’m excited they are going public

  2. Ryan’s news story: Ian Cassel’s blog post on portfolio turnover

  3. Current state of fintwit featuring Jess Livermore, Jim Chanos, and others

  4. Discussion of Amazon, Alteryx, and Slack with Kermit Capital

  5. Hot Water, FMK, and anecdotal evidence

Disclosure: The authors are not financial advisors. Anything said by us or podcasts guests is not formal advice or a recommendation.

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