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Episode 86: Talking Software with Tim Beyers

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We are back after our summer hiatus and have a fantastic interview with long-time software analyst Tim Beyers. I learned a ton on this episode and think any listener will too.

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Screenshot Summary

In chronological order:

  1. Discussion on what we did this summer and updates on the show (1:01)

  2. Big news stories we missed this summer including Nikola (RIP Trevor), Epic Games vs. Apple, and the Teladongo (?) merger (6:19)

  3. Interview with Tim Beyers. We discuss his investment philosophy and then ask him numerous questions about Fastly, Snowflake, and Elastic (21:58)

  4. Hot Water including Costco’s CEO relentless struggle to keep hot dogs at $1.50 (1:19:44), FMK for Peloton, Zoom Video, and Teladoc, and then wrap-up with anecdotal evidence.

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