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  • Brett Schafer

Deep Dive: Poshmark

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  1. What do they do? Poshmark is an online marketplace where people can buy secondhand clothes from individuals, and individuals can sell clothes they don’t want/need anymore (among other use cases).

  2. History? It was founded in 2011 by a group of people, including current CEO Manish Chandra.

  3. Industry? Poshmark operates in the social commerce industry, which is estimated to be $600 billion within the next decade. Competitors include Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook, and many others.

  4. Management? Chandra is still the CEO and owns 7% of the company.

  5. Valuation? (As of recording) EV/sales at 10, EV/GP of 12, and EV/OCF of 30.

  6. Earnings? Sales up 28% in 2020, while OCF hit $84 million for an OCF margin of 32%.

  7. Balance Sheet? Should have $500 million in cash post-IPO. They don’t hold inventory so very asset-light balance sheet.

  8. Potential Competitive Advantages? We had network effects, niche, and social aspects of the platform.

  9. Future Growth Opportunities? We had international expansion, Pets/Toys, and Posh Parties.

  10. Highlights? We had the potential for a moat, high usage on a daily basis on the platform, and the great unit economics of the business.

  11. Lowlights? There are a ton of competitors, the ability for fakes to come on the platform, and the social component not being as good as management thinks were some lowlights we were considering.

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