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Chit Chat Money's Top 10 Episodes of 2021

Here is a list of my favorite Chit Chat Money episodes from 2021, decided from my complicated formula (aka just my opinion). I think all our episodes are of high quality, but these are the 10 that stood out to me for whatever reason this year.

We released 137 episodes in 2021 and plan to release around 100 in 2022. Check out our full catalog of episodes on Spotify or Apple Podcasts if you're interested in more of our work. Thank you to everyone who tunes in!

10. Deep Dive: Jumia (Ticker: JMIA)

First up is a show we did on the African e-commerce company Jumia. This went through our standard overview format, and I think we provided some strong points on why Jumia has the chance to succeed, but also why there are some giant red flags investors should watch out for.

9. Francisco Olivera and the Science of Hitting Discuss Spotify

Francisco and The Science of Hitting (Alex Morris) joined us in the Spring and gave a fantastic overview of Spotify, its future growth opportunities, and all the different dynamics that go into this complicated entity. As someone that knows Spotify very well, I even learned a few new things from them on this episode. Give it a listen if you're interested in the business.

8. Not So Deep Dive: Robinhood (Ticker: HOOD)

One of my favorite episodes to research and record this year. It was strangely not our most popular episode (that was Palantir), but I loved learning about the business model of one of the most important financial services companies in the world. If you want to learn more about Robinhood, definitely give this a listen.

7. Q3 Roundtable With Ian and Brad

I thought I'd toss in one of the episodes we are doing under a new format, where we have Ian Gray and Brad Freeman joining us once a quarter to discuss a current event/topic in the financial world. In this episode, we covered fraud, antitrust, market prognosticators, and investing in China.

6. Deep Dive: Palantir (Ticker: PLTR)

Our most-listened-to show in 2021 covers one of the most complicated and secretive companies in the world: Palantir. I'm not sure I even understand what Palantir does after doing the research for the episode, but it is growing extremely quickly and locking up huge software contracts with the U.S. government. Give this a listen to understand why so many investors are enamored with this stock.

5. Deep Dive: Upstart (Ticker: UPST)

I couldn't leave out one of the most talked-about stocks on Fintwit this year: Upstart. I'm still not sure whether the company is as revolutionary as management/investors make it out to be, but it is growing extremely quickly and is up almost 300% in the past year. If you're starting your research on this name, I'd recommend listening to our interview with From Growth to Value on the company as well.

4. Airbnb With Alex Morris

Alex makes my list twice this year (his research overlaps heavily with companies I like, so I may be biased towards his work) with his Deep Dive on Airbnb in September. It is a fascinating company, and even though he came to the conclusion that the stock was very richly valued at the time of his research, he still shared some great insights into why this business has a clear path to growth over the next five to ten years.

3. Deep Dive: Coupang (Ticker: CPNG)

I had to include our episode on my favorite new company I discovered this year. Coupang is an Amazon-like business in South Korea with plans to expand into countries like Taiwan. The business model is fascinating and it is gaining market share in its home nation incredibly quickly. This is definitely a stock at the top of my watchlist right now.

2. Kulicke and Soffa With Chris Seifel

The runner-up for best episode of the year for me was our overview of Kulicke and Soffa with Chris Seifel. I'd never heard of the business before and don't understand the semiconductor industry very well, but this was a fantastic bullish pitch for the stock. Chris had a great balance of the qualitative and quantitative reasons for why he likes Kulicke and Soffa and I came away from the interview much more interested in this business.

1. Bonus Interview: Lars Wingefors of Embracer Group

I have to include our special interview with Lars Wingefors as my top episode from 2021. Lars is the founder and CEO of Embracer Group, a $12 billion video game conglomerate based in Sweden. He has a fascinating strategy for growing his company, and it was absolutely awesome to pepper him with questions about his strategy and the video game industry as a whole.

Chit Chat Money is sponsored by 7investing. Use our link or enter promo code “CCM” at check-out to get $10 off your first month of the service.

Disclosure: The author and podcast guests are not your financial advisors. Ryan Henderson and Brett Schafer are general partners and portfolio managers at Arch Capital. Clients of Arch Capital may hold securities discussed on this show.

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