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CCM Episode 65: Spotify and Slack Debate with Austin Liebermann

This week we had recurring guest Austin Liebermann on the show (check out the episode where I interviewed him here) to discuss Spotify and Slack. Austin is long Slack, so we played devil’s advocate and tried to critique the stock to the best of our abilities. Then, we flipped the scenario and had Austin critique Spotify, of which Ryan and I both own shares. I thought this format was very fun and we hope to repeat it with ourselves and other guests down the line.

Other Segments this Week:

  1. Tesla deliveries

  2. Oyo in trouble in India (Softbank-back start-up)

  3. FMK between JD, SE, and LK

Listen to the full show:

  1. Spotify

  2. Apple Podcasts

  3. Google Podcasts

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