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  • Brett Schafer

CCM Episode 52: CEO Exodus, Forever 11, and the State of Fintwit

On this week’s Chit Chat Money we started out by discussing the CEO turnover from JUUL, eBay, Comscore, and more. Ryan brought in two stories: the Forever 21 bankruptcy and the Amazon hardware event (Alexa glasses anyone?). Then, we decided to make a new segment called “State of the Fintwit” where we each discuss an interesting or funny tweet from the previous week.

Other Segments this Week:

  1. Facebook in hot water for their dumb hardware ideas and audio leaks

  2. FMK with stocks down more than 5% this week

  3. Discussing the new Uber book

  4. Succession Episode 8 recap

Listen to the full show:

  1. Spotify

  2. Apple Podcasts

  3. Google Podcasts

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