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CCM Ep. 63: Interview with Aaron Bush

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Aaron Bush, an analyst at the Motley Fool and founder of the gaming newsletter Master the Meta. We discussed the gaming industry, his career, and how he likes to invest personally. I can tell it was one of our best interviews because I came away with a whole new outlook on the business of video games and eSports. Other Segments this Week: Our stock Christmas lists Greg the Egg is playing Adam Neumann FMK between Apple, Starbucks,

eSports has Grown Up Fast, but This is Just the Beginning

Let’s travel back ten years. Gaming, as we knew it then, was a niche industry with a somewhat fringe user base. Most of you, if asked to picture someone playing video games, would have pictured a lonely guy glued to his basement television. Everyone (well, mostly just suburban parents) gave video games a bad rap because they wrongly believed it caused obesity and violence in kids. Like television, radio, and books before them, video games got unjustified negativity because th



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