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Why My Portfolio Was Built for the Pandemic

I’ve said it before, but my portfolio was built for the pandemic. For whatever reason, the businesses I like to invest in are doing well in these volatile times. But what has made these stocks strong, while others have suffered? Was it just luck, or was there skill on my part? I’d like to think it was a little bit of both, but who knows, introspection is tough. I didn’t position my portfolio for a pandemic-induced recession (if someone told you they did, they are probably lyi

The Importance of Sustained Revenue Growth

(check out Puru Saxena’s thread on the topic here) Holding long-term compounders is typically how investors beat the market. And how do they find long-term compounders? By identifying stocks with the potential for sustained high-levels of revenue (or cash flow, or earnings) growth. This metric is important because it allows individual investors like myself to counteract the efficient market hypothesis (EMH). Over short timespans, markets are basically efficient, making it dif

Yext: A Reasonably Priced SaaS Name?

I tweeted this out on Saturday: Why I like $YEXT: – No competition – EV/Rev of 5.12 – High gross margins – Huge value proposition for customers — Brett Schafer (@CCM_Brett) October 20, 2019 It got a decent amount of engagement, so I thought I’d go deeper on each bullet point and explain why Yext is one of my favorite SaaS stocks right now. But first, since they are not a household name, let’s talk about what Yext does. A business can use Yext to make sure its information an

Fundamental Analysis of Yext

On this episode of the Fundamental Analysis show, we discussed Yext (YEXT), a database management tool for companies. Highlights from the Show: EV/Rev. of 6.4 Revenue growing 32% 73% gross margins Just launched Yext Answers, should have a large addressable market Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts #podcasts #Stocks #InvestingPodcasts #Investing #FundamentalAnalysis #Finance #Yext



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