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Uncover potential new investments and learn about financial markets on the Chit Chat Money podcast. Our flagship show releases three episodes a week with a focus on analyzing individual stocks in a variety of formats. We periodically publish seasons of a History of Financial Markets, which you can listen to here. The show notes for each episode are published on this website, which you can find below.

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CCM Episode 73: Interview with Wall Street Bets

This week we had the pleasure of talking with Jaime Rogizinski, the creator of the Wall Street Bets Reddit page. We talked about what it is like dealing with a million person online community, the most and least successful bets made by users, and how he likes to trade himself. Other Segments this Week: Iger out Dorsey about to be out The Valleysburg Address Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts #Disney #Stocks #Twitter #WallStreetBets #Investing #Chi

CCM Episode 62: A Letter to Twitter

This week we discussed Scott Galloway’s activist letter to the Twitter board and Google’s co-founders finally stepping away from the company. We did not do an interview this week, but we have a fascinating one lined up for next week. Stay tuned. Other Segments this Week: Notes from an essay on business in China Are tests overrated? FMK between Apple, RH, and Wynn Resorts Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts

Fundamental Analysis of Twitter

On this Fundamental Analysis show, we discussed Twitter (TWTR), the owner of the social network by the same name. Highlights from the show: mDAUs growing 14% YoY FCF margin of 35% Sales up 18% YoY in the 2nd quarter How big is their moat? Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts #Stocks #InvestingPodcasts #Twitter #Investing #Podcast #FundamentalAnalysis

Where to go to Learn About Investing

The first few months can be tricky when trying to get into the investing game. I struggled, as many of you reading this probably will too, to know where to get information and learn about owning securities. After three years of what I would call amateur investing, here is what I think is the best list of things to do when starting out in the daunting investing world. Use Investopedia Investopedia is, like the name entails, the investing encyclopedia. There are a ton of defini

Twitter Beat on Earnings, But What About the Valuation?

The great internet cesspool, known in the common tongue as Twitter, reported its 1st quarter earnings on Tuesday, April 23rd, and Wall Street loved it. The stock shot up more than 15% on better than expected user, sales, and earnings growth. We are going to dig into Twitter’s valuation and future potential, but first, let’s check out the highlights from the report: Sales up 18% YoY to $787 million GAAP income up 12% YoY to $94 million Monetizable Daily Active Users (mDAUs) up

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