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Five Stocks I’m Looking at During this Bear Market

The last two weeks have been downright absurd. People are (and probably rightfully) panicking and reacting in extreme ways to this pandemic. It has everyone worried because we don’t know what the next few weeks will hold. Nobody likes uncertainty. The market has priced in a lot of this fear/economic slowdown, and rather quickly. In fact, this is the fastest we’ve gotten to a bear market in recorded history: That’s one scary chart. It also does not tell us where stock prices w

Fundamental Analysis of Telaria

On this Fundamental Analysis show, we discuss Telaria (TLRA), a 3rd-party video advertising platform for TV, desktop, and mobile. Highlights from the show: Market cap around $337 million P/S of 5.69 and unprofitable Growing sales 42% a year Majority of their revenue comes from connected TV ads Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts #Stocks #Telaria #Investing #Podcast #FundamentalAnalysis



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