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Uncover potential new investments and learn about financial markets on the Chit Chat Money podcast. Our flagship show releases three episodes a week with a focus on analyzing individual stocks in a variety of formats. We periodically publish seasons of a History of Financial Markets, which you can listen to here. The show notes for each episode are published on this website, which you can find below.

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A Forgotten Hero of American Industry

After seeing it recommended by numerous people, I decided to start reading the book Loonshots, by Safi Bahcall. Bahcall is a physicist as well as an entrepreneur, which allows him to beautifully compare business organizations to the physical world, and how tiny changes can drastically alter the structures of both. I’d highly recommend the book to anyone interested in the details of how and why this occurs. But today I want to talk about an individual in the book, Vannevar Bus

Zoom is the IPO to Watch, Not Lyft

Lately, the financial media has been talking a big game about the Silicon Valley Unicorns finally going public. Uber and Lyft have dominated the conversation the past month, with a little bit of Pinterest and Slack sprinkled in for good measure. From the outside looking in, it seems like these companies are garnering a lot more attention than usual, and could possibly be the most anticipated public offerings since Facebook‘s in 2012. The problem is, most of these tech compani

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