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Fundamental Analysis of SolarEdge Technologies

On this Saturday’s Fundamental Analysis show we discuss SolarEdge (SEDG), a “provider of power optimizer, solar inverter and monitoring solutions for photovoltaic arrays.” In laymen terms, they sell products needed in the solar energy business. Highlights from the show: Forward P/E of 14.6 P/S ratio of 2.64 Major stake in South Korean company that sells lithium-ion batteries 30% revenue and operating income growth in the latest quarter Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple P

Fundamental Analysis of Yeti Holdings

This week on the Fundamental Analysis show we covered Yeti Holdings (YETI). Yeti is an outdoor brand that sells high-quality coolers and drinkware. They have gained considerable popularity with young people over the last few years, which has probably contributed to their stock rising 61% since their IPO last year. Show Highlights Sales up 15% YoY Gross margin of 49.3% and expanding Forward P/E of 20 $321 million in total debt, down from $473 million last year Ways to listen A

Robintrack: the Best Investing Site You’ve Never Heard Of

I recently discovered Robintrack, a website dedicated to (you guessed it) tracking the investment moves of Robinhood users. Chart screenshots periodically show up on Twitter, so if you’ve seen anything like this before, chances are it came from Robintrack: The beauty of these charts is their simplicity. The green line shows how many users owned a company over a certain time frame, and the pink line is the stock price over that same period. However, within these charts is a tr

Target is a Buy on the Trade War Dip

Shares of domestic retailer Target have lost some steam lately, down 12% in the last 30 days. Investors are worried about the escalating trade war with China (at least until talks start “progressing” again for the Friday pump) and how it will impact stocks exposed to the country. However, I believe if you have a five-year time horizon, this short-term trade war dip can be a buying opportunity for something I think is a great value play. Target is already heavily discounted ag

iRobot Looks Fine if You’re Playing the Long Game

Robotic vacuum maker iRobot reported its 1st quarter earnings on Tuesday and got absolutely roasted in after-hours trading. Shares are down 14.76% on the news, making it one of the worst days ever for the stock. I personally thought it was a bit of an overreaction, but it still wasn’t a great showing. Here are the highlights from the report: Sales of $237.7 million in Q1, up 9% YoY. GAAP earnings per share of $0.78 compared to $0.71 in the 1st quarter of 2018. Reaffirmed full

Disney is Treating Streaming as a Loss Leader

At a media event on April 11th, 2019, investors finally got some information on the highly-anticipated Disney+ streaming service. It is going live on November 12th, will cost only $6.99 a month (nice), and will be kids and family focused. Wall Street apparently loved the announcement, with Disney shares up over 10% during intraday trading. The beautiful thing about streaming for Disney, at least from an investors perspective, is that they can treat it as a loss leader. The en

Is Activision Blizzard a Forgotten Gem?

For those unfamiliar, Activision Blizzard (ATVI) is one of the largest gaming conglomerate in the world by market cap, worth around $36 billion. The three gaming studios they own, Activision, Blizzard, and King, make some of the most popular gaming franchises in the world including Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Candy Crush. Activision stock has beat the market for the past five years and is up 132% during that span. However, if you are an investor in Activision, this past year

Zoom is the IPO to Watch, Not Lyft

Lately, the financial media has been talking a big game about the Silicon Valley Unicorns finally going public. Uber and Lyft have dominated the conversation the past month, with a little bit of Pinterest and Slack sprinkled in for good measure. From the outside looking in, it seems like these companies are garnering a lot more attention than usual, and could possibly be the most anticipated public offerings since Facebook‘s in 2012. The problem is, most of these tech compani

Nvidia Trying to Buy Itself Some Growth

On Monday morning Nvidia announced that it would be buying Mellanox, a supercomputer chipmaker, for $6.9 billion. They will be paying in all cash, and I guess investors were quite happy about it. Nvidia’s stock was up 7% today on the news. Mellanox was a hot commodity in the computing and data center space as Microsoft and Intel were apparently bidding for them. They specialize in optimizing workloads on supercomputers, which Nvidia is heavily invested in. The two companies h

Target is Finally Starting to Win Again

Target shares are up 4.5% today, and for good measure: the big box retailer is starting to grow its sales again. The company released its full-year earnings pre-market and beat on basically every metric. Here are the top highlights from the report: Full year comparable sales up 5%, the highest number since 2005. Digital sales up 36% in 2018, the fifth consecutive year of growth of 25% or higher. Returned $3.4 billion to shareholders in dividends and repurchases in 2018. I wro

Highlights from Lyft’s S1 Filing

Ride-sharing company Lyft filed its IPO and S1 on Friday, beating rival Uber to the public markets. The offering is one of potentially many in 2019 and has created high anticipation among the investing community. An S1 is the initial registration document all public U.S. stocks need to file with the SEC. The documents can be very interesting, as they force the company to disclose many things including their overall business plan, competition, and planned capital allocation. A

Buy the dip on Teladoc Health?

Teladoc Health’s stock is getting crushed after-hours, down as much as 21%. The company just released its 4th quarter and full year earnings report, meeting expectations on earnings but missing on their 2019 guidance. If you’ve read any of my posts before, you know I don’t pay much attention to analyst estimates. I believe times like these are great for opportunistic investors who want to take advantage of an irrational market. Here are the highlights from the report: Full-ye

Etsy Crushes Again

Shares of Etsy, the “global marketplace for unique and creative goods,” were up as much as 10% in after-hours trading after another solid earnings report. The small-cap has killed the market over the last 12 months, up almost 200% vs. the S&P’s 1.2%. Etsy’s one year price chart. Crazy growth. I’ve had this stock on my radar for a while and, disappointingly, haven’t been able to pull the trigger yet. They are essentially the only e-commerce business that is Amazon proof, and I

My Favorite Quotes From Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Letter to Shareholders

In late February the investing world is treated with Warren Buffet’s annual letter to shareholders. He has published it every year going back to 1965 and typically uses it to share his insights on Berkshire’s philosophy and the world. This year was no different. As required by the SEC, Berkshire Hathaway has to disclose quarterly what stocks it has bought and sold as well as its balance sheet and income statement. And while it is always interesting to see the actions of a sea



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