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Sunday Finds 12/1/2019

*The best content I’ve consumed this week. From Us: One Year Update of the MBP, Ferrari, Not Your Average Car Maker, Is it Smart to Bet Against Netflix? Article/Essays: The Social Subsidy of Angel Investing, The Best Investment You Can Make, After WeWork, Softbank’s Startup Bookkeeping Draws Scrutiny, No More Gurus, Uber Loses London License, Data Leak Reveals China Brainwashing System, You Don’t Bring Bad News to the Cult Leader, Why 536 Was the Worst Year to be Alive, Book

Is It Smart to Bet Against Netflix?

I recently finished the book Netflixed, by Gina Keating. Besides being a fantastic read, the book had plenty of insights into the company’s management team and business model. It is a must-read if you are long or short the stock (disclosure: I’m neither). The book was published in 2012, so it misses the last seven years of Netflix’s history. However, I think the story holds up well even with the TV landscape changing dramatically during that time. Reed Hastings is still the C

CCM Ep. 60: Interview With Simon Erickson

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Simon Erickson, the head of the Motley Fool’s Explorer service. We discussed a myriad of topics including connected TV, quantum computing, and even had a serious discussion about the future of blockchain tech. Other Segments this Week: Paypal buys Honey Schwab merges with TD Ameritrade The Tesla Cybertruck reveal Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts https://open.spotify.com/episode/3sF2yRaAwhNiQRpRpDQPKI

Ferrari, Not Your Average Car Maker

Ferrari is not an auto manufacturer. They are an ultra-luxury toy producer. Obviously they do design and produce cars, but that’s not the proper way to view the business. Ferrari has a market cap of $40 Billion. For reference, in 2018 Ferrari shipped 9,251 vehicles. Ford on the other hand, a $35 Billion business, delivered 2,497,318 vehicles. Ferrari is delivering less than .4% of Ford’s annual delivery numbers and still commands a higher valuation. So what makes Ferrari so v

Fundamental Analysis of United Rentals

On the latest Fundamental Analysis Show we discussed United Rentals (URI), the construction rental company. Highlights from the Show: A market cap of $11.46 billion EV/EBIT of 9.29 Strong MOAT through acquisitions P/E of 8 Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts https://open.spotify.com/episode/42yaNPxmIoFrgZmj11iEs7 #podcasts #Stocks #Investing #FundamentalAnalysis #Finance #UnitedRentals

Fundamental Analysis of 3M

On the latest Fundamental Analysis Show we discussed 3M (MMM), the company that makes everything from post-it notes to high-level healthcare systems. Highlights from the Show: Company is over 100 years old Dividend yield of 3.45% P/E of 18.3 Organic sales down last quarter Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts https://open.spotify.com/episode/2qGVqrKhapSD0y151LmLDE #Stocks #Investing #MMM #Podcast #3M #FundamentalAnalysis #Finance

The Forever Businesses

Some stocks just take care of themselves. It could be the quality of the business model, no competition, or the stellar executive team (ideally all three), but whatever it is, certain stocks require little upkeep. Obviously, you can’t just buy something and literally forget about it for forty years. Earnings letters need to be read, and business plans evolve. You don’t want to end up owning the Sears of the 2050s and not know it. But that’s typically the only work needed to s

Square Should Buy Chime

I saw this quote in a Forbes article regarding Chime, the online bank: “In 2019, it will reach nearly $200 million [in revenue], a fourfold increase over 2018, according to a person familiar with the matter. Now the company plans to expand into other products like credit cards and investment services in its quest to become a full-service digital bank.” That is some stellar growth. Chime is one of the hottest fintech startups in the United States and is thought to be valued at

CCM Ep. 59: How to Make a Billion Dollars in America

No interview this week, so we dove deeper on some news topics from the past week. I hit Facebook Pay, which I think will be additive to the War on Cash companies (Square, PayPal, etc.) instead of taking their business. Ryan dug into the latest developments in the streaming wars and why the Apple subscription bundle is a great idea. Other Segments this Week: What $28 billion business should Buffett buy? How to make a billion dollars in America (wrong answers only) FMK between

Fundamental Analysis of Ferrari

On the latest Fundamental Analysis Show we discussed Ferrari (RACE), the Italian automaker and luxury brand. Highlights from the Show: $40 billion market cap 23.7% operating margin Q3 revenue of $1 billion, up 9% YoY Q3 FCF up 45% Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts https://open.spotify.com/episode/5fC9kcigG6vaAKDdrl7UEu #Stocks #Investing #Podcast #FundamentalAnalysis #Finance #Ferrari

Fundamental Analysis of Coca-Cola

On the latest Fundamental Analysis Show we discussed Coca-Cola (KO), the soft-drink giant. Highlights from the Show: Founded in 1892 Price to FCF of 25.6 Stakes in BodyArmor and Monster Energy Coming out with energy drinks next year Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts https://open.spotify.com/episode/67kZ8PNgi6vPTjTahpNARD #CocaCola #Stocks #Investing #Podcast #FundamentalAnalysis #Finance #KO

How Often Should you Look at Your Investment Portfolio?

I don’t think there’s a “right” answer to this question. Or, at least, there are multiple right answers depending on the situation. It all depends on how much time you, the investor, want to spend managing your investments, and whether you have the temperament to see your stocks change in value every day (which they are guaranteed to do). If that answer, “it depends,” leaves you confused or unsatisfied, that’s how you’re supposed to feel. Investing is not a math problem. Ther

CCM Ep. 58: Interview With Ryan Reeves

On this week’s show, we had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan Reeves. Ryan is the founder of Investing City, a research subscription service for investing in individual stocks. During the interview, he answered: Why he started the site? His personal investing style? How he found success on Twitter? And plenty more. Other Segments this Week: Billionaire beef with Elon Musk and David Einhorn FMK between social media companies Alibaba’s huge revenue number on Singles Day Listen

Fundamental Analysis of Chipotle

On the latest Fundamental Analysis Show we discussed Chipotle (CMG), the fast-casual Mexican griller. Highlights from the Show: Comp sales above 10% P/E of 66 Digital sales growing 88% Opened 25 new restaurants this quarter Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts https://open.spotify.com/episode/2u3KE0vkvQFe5JfmLVmp2C #Stocks #Investing #Podcast #FundamentalAnalysis #Finance #Chipotle

Can Axon Enterprise be a Winner over the Next Five Years?

Axon Enterprise (ticker: AAXN) manufactures and develops technology for law enforcement officers. Their original product was the TASER (the stun gun most police officers carry), but in recent years they have expanded to body cameras, sensors, and cloud-based record management systems. Full disclosure, I’m a big fan of the stock and own shares personally. They announced earning late last week and raised their full-year guidance, causing the stock to pop 20%. Friday on Twitter

Fundamental Analysis of Best Buy

On the latest Fundamental Analysis Show we discussed Best Buy (BBY), the electronics retailer. Highlights from the Show: P/E of 13. dividend yield of 2.87% Consistently high ROIC Slow but steady sales growth “Building the new Blue” strategy Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts https://open.spotify.com/episode/2LScMBrVHHqHRcW7lpowZd #Stocks #Investing #Podcast #BestBuy #FundamentalAnalysis #Finance

CCM Ep. 57: Drunk Yield Curve and Bearish Whistleblowers

No interview on the show this week, but still a ton of news to talk about in the business world. I dug into the food delivery market and concluded that at least right now, it is a terrible business. Ryan talked about Google acquiring Fitbit. Other Segments this Week: Our Halloween costumes according to Ramp Capital Is Jim Simons the best investor ever? Amazon’s amazing value proposition Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts https://open.spotify.com/e

Fundamental Analysis of Etsy

On the latest Fundamental Analysis Show we discussed Etsy (ETSY), the internet’s antique store. Highlights from the Show: Profitable, high OCF margins 30%+ sales growth Recently acquired Reverb Seeing gross margin compression Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts https://open.spotify.com/episode/5NY0wGBXwzdFu0B3b5EuSt #Etsy #Stocks #Investing #Podcast #FundamentalAnalysis #Finance

Time to Buy the Dip on Etsy?

The latest stock I’ve been reading about is Etsy. One, because we just recorded a podcast about it, and two, because of the post-earnings dip. They released the third-quarter report on October 30th and saw their stock drop viciously, likely because of gross-margin compression. Here are some highlights from the report: $198 million in revenue, up 31.6% YoY (28% discluding acquisition of Reverb) 2.59 million active sellers, up 27% YoY 44.8 million active buyers, up 20.7% YoY Gr

Fundamental Analysis of Hubspot

On the latest Fundamental Analysis Show we discussed Hubspot (HUBS), the inbound marketing company. Highlights from the Show: P/S 11.3 30-40% sales growth 80% gross margins unprofitable Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts https://open.spotify.com/episode/1DaWPNGBdg6dy4eC9NptAW #Stocks #Investing #Podcast #FundamentalAnalysis #Finance #Hubspot



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