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Paycom Software: Not So Deep Dive

Listen On: Spotify Google Podcasts Apple Podcasts Watch on YouTube Show Notes (Ryan) What they do: Paycom provides businesses with a comprehensive human capital management solution. In other words they’re the software for the HR department. Paycom provides a few different solutions that it often bundles together and sells as one. It groups these solutions into 5 categories. 1) Talent acquisition: Applicant tracking, onboarding, tax credits, enhanced background checks, E-verif

Fundamental Analysis of Paycom Software

On this episode of the Fundamental Analysis show, we discussed Paycom Software (PAYC), the payroll SaaS company. Highlights from the Show: EV/revenue of 19.2 P/E of 80.93 Revenue growth of 31% Growing net income 37% Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts #podcasts #Stocks #Investing #Paycom #ChitChatMoney #FundamentalAnalysis #Finance



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