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Own Companies That Feel Inevitable

I saw a tweet the other day that said “invest in companies that feel inevitable.” The author is slipping my mind, but whoever it was, thank you, but I have an addendum to improve it: “Invest in companies that feel inevitable but are misunderstood by the market” “Inevitable” companies (or, maybe, Thano’s companies?) have historically treated investors kindly if bought at the right price. But what do I mean by an inevitable company that is misunderstood? That’s a tough question

Deep Dive on Nintendo Stock

Watch on YouTube Listen on Spotify This week we relaunched the podcast by interviewing software analyst Tim Beyers. As you may know, before the show stopped we also did “Fundamental Analysis” episodes every Thursday and Sunday where we discussed an individual company. Those have started up again too, but with an added twist. Every Thursday, Ian Gray (who worked with Ryan at the Motley Fool this summer) will be joining us for a 30-40 minute “Deep Dive” into a specific company.



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