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Uncover potential new investments and learn about financial markets on the Chit Chat Money podcast. Our flagship show releases three episodes a week with a focus on analyzing individual stocks in a variety of formats. We periodically publish seasons of a History of Financial Markets, which you can listen to here. The show notes for each episode are published on this website, which you can find below.

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13th Month Update of the MBP

*Link to the spreadsheet for anyone interested in how we calculate returns This is the 13-month update of the Market Brothers Portfolio, or MBP. It is a mock portfolio of our favorite investing ideas. Since it began in November 2018, the MBP is up 24.43% vs. the S&P 500’s 21.56%. All prior monthly updates can be found here. Absolute ReturnsAnnualizedPortfolio:24.43%22.55%S&P 500:21.56%19.90%Difference2.87%2.65% MonthMBP ReturnsS&P Returns00.00%0.00%1-8.38%-9.65%24.37%0.78%310

Fundamental Analysis of MongoDB

On this episode of the Fundamental Analysis show, we discussed MongoDB (MDB), the non-SQL database company. Highlights from the Show: Extremely fast sales growth, especially from the Atlas division Premium valuation, P/S above 25 The go-to “Data-as-a-Service” company for start-ups Stock up 330% since 2017 IPO Listen to the full show: Spotify Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts #podcasts #Stocks #MongoDB #Investing #FundamentalAnalysis #Finance

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