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Semler Scientific: A Deep Dive

Not many people have heard the name Semler Scientific. It trades on the OTC markets, barely qualifies as a small-cap stock, and rarely has a daily trading volume greater than 1,000 shares. I actually saw it only trade 14 times in a single day. Compare that to Tesla, which has 40 million+ shares traded on the regular. Talk about price discovery am I right. I believe Semler Scientific can be a serial compounder over the next decade. That’s a bold statement, especially because t

Teladoc Health Just Acquired InTouch Health, and I Love the Move

Last week, there was a BIG development in telehealth with industry leader Teladoc Health (ticker: TDOC) acquiring InTouch Health for $600 million. InTouch Health is the largest provider of virtual care technology for hospitals and other in-office health systems. This differs from Teladoc, whose primary business is connecting patients to doctors through internet-connected devices. Here are the details of the deal, and how it impacts Teladoc’s business: The $600 million price i



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