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Uncover potential new investments and learn about financial markets on the Chit Chat Money podcast. Our flagship show releases three episodes a week with a focus on analyzing individual stocks in a variety of formats. We periodically publish seasons of a History of Financial Markets, which you can listen to here. The show notes for each episode are published on this website, which you can find below.

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The Mini Mania is Here

***Use our link or enter promo code “CCM” at checkout to get $10 off your first month at 7investing*** Nothing you read in this post will be ground-breaking, considered a hot take, or different than your daily stream on fintwit the past month. However, I want to timestamp my thoughts on why portions of the market are in a “Mini Mania” as we close out 2020. Specifically, in the non-FANMAG software stocks, SPACs, electric vehicles (EVs), and new IPOs like DoorDash and Airbnb. F

Episode 94: Interview With Muji @hhhypergrowth

***Use our link or enter promo code “CCM” at checkout to get $10 off your first month at 7investing*** This week Ryan and I chatted with Muji (his Twitter is @hhhypergrowth, link here), a veteran of the software industry. We discussed two topics: cybersecurity and edge computing. On the cybersecurity side, we focused on Crowdstrike (ticker: CRWD) and Zscaler (ticker: ZS). Edge networks revolved around Cloudflare (ticker: NET) and Fastly (ticker: FSLY), but also had some areas

Square Selling Caviar to DoorDash is a Win for Both Companies

In conjunction with Square’s earning’s release this afternoon, investors were surprised to see another announcement that the company was selling its Caviar business to DoorDash for $410 million. The deal is a cash and stock offer, and will likely close by the end of this year according to the press release. Now, before we start analyzing the deal (and why I think it is a win-win scenario), let’s go through a short history of what Caviar is so we understand what DoorDash is ge

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