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Episode 116: Southeast Asia, Sea Limited, and Coupang with Eugene Ng

Listen on: Spotify Apple Podcasts Debrief We had a fantastic interview with Eugene Ng this week, who is based in Singapore. The questions revolved around the economies of Southeast Asia, Sea Limited, and Coupang. I felt there wasn’t enough time to ask Eugene all the questions we had, so we’ll definitely have to get him on the show again in the future. Eugene has a fund and has written a book. You can find any relevant links on his Twitter profile. The other topics Ryan and I

Deep Dive: Coupang

Listen On: Spotify Apple Podcasts What do they do? Coupang is an e-commerce company based in South Korea. They also own a logistics network, a food and grocery delivery service, a fintech service, and many other business lines. The majority of Coupang’s business is e-commerce though. History? Bom Suk Kim dropped out of Harvard to found Coupang in 2010. Originally, it was like a Groupon but in South Korea, but they decided to pivot and go with the strategy they have today. Ind



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