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Uncover potential new investments and learn about financial markets on the Chit Chat Money podcast. Our flagship show releases three episodes a week with a focus on analyzing individual stocks in a variety of formats. We periodically publish seasons of a History of Financial Markets, which you can listen to here. The show notes for each episode are published on this website, which you can find below.

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Takeaways From the New Uber Book

Here are some thoughts on Super Pumped, the new book chronicling the turbulent rise of Uber, by Mike Isaac. 1. Uber New How to Bro Down Led by the ever obnoxious Travis Kalanick, Uber set the standard for Silicon Valley bro culture. From page 27: “He went on to advise his staff not to throw large kegs off of tall buildings, and mandate no interoffice sex unless co-workers explicitly stated ‘YES! I will have sex with you’ to one another. He also noted that any puking on hotel

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