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Why My Portfolio Was Built for the Pandemic

I’ve said it before, but my portfolio was built for the pandemic. For whatever reason, the businesses I like to invest in are doing well in these volatile times. But what has made these stocks strong, while others have suffered? Was it just luck, or was there skill on my part? I’d like to think it was a little bit of both, but who knows, introspection is tough. I didn’t position my portfolio for a pandemic-induced recession (if someone told you they did, they are probably lyi

Axon Enterprises. Not Just for Law Enforcement

This is going to be a short post on Axon’s new ambulance deal and why it is an example of the company’s developing moat. If you want a lengthier primer on why I love Axon as a long-term play, check out a post I did on the company two months ago here. Axon Enterprises, the inventor of the Taser and other law enforcement technology, announced this week a partnership with an ambulance provider to connect its vehicles with in-car video technology. Here is a long quote from the pr



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